Favourite Free Fonts


I love typography!

It can make a difference to the way something looks and feels and is always refreshing!

In the past, I have purchased some font families but I have also downloaded many free fonts from:


So many fonts … so little time … ho-hum …

After several years working with fonts I will post my Favourites – in various categories … you may like or dislike some of my ‘chosen ones’ but it may also help you to save some time in searching … you may see a font you like and then search for it and similar font families …

I have about 10,000 other fonts to sift through to decide my ‘favourite fonts’ but in the meantime, I will post font in categories over the next weeks:

Favourite Feature Fonts

Favourite Celtic Fonts

Favourite Handwriting Fonts

Favourite Scratch Fonts

Favourite Script Fonts

Favourite San Fonts

Favourite Serif Fonts

Favourite Wing Ding Fonts

I hope you enjoy!

Here is a list of fonts that work really well as Feature Fonts:

Click the link below to open a PDF of this image.

Favourite Fonts 1





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