Succulent Sketch

It has taken a few years to grow these succulents to this size, but all it takes is non-clay (sort of Sandy Soil or free-draining soil – soil that does not look or feel heavy such as clay), no nutrient supplements, such as seaweed spray etc.

I have planted them in a raised bed where they get the rain!

Yes, believe it or not, succulents need water!

Tropical Fever

John Williamson sang the song ‘I wish I could explain how it feels when I’m headin’ up to Queensland. It hits me when I see the sign for Byron Bay’.

Well, that’s EXACTLY how I feel every time I head to Byron Bay …  Tropical Fever-er-er !

I headed up to Queensland in 1979 with my sister and we stopped over in Byron Bay. I have been going to Byron ever since … I should have purchased a beach shack when Byron Bay was not so popular !

Anyhow, I am in the sub-tropics, resting, exploring and of course, checking out the art scenes. I hope to be inspired and when I return home, I hope to create some fantastic art … that is, if I can get myself out of the water to actually do some research.

I do know that Jungle and Tropical Fever will be featuring in my art and blog this year.

I will catch  up with you sometime soon, when I am out of the surf 🙂