Butterfly Ball Brochure

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The Armidale Recreation Access Program organised a “Butterfly Ball” to represent the “Celebration of the International Day of People with a Disability”.
Armidale Recreation Access Program
A division of Armidale Dumaresq Council
​ The main aim of the Recreation Access Program is to assist people with disabilities aged 16 to 65 years to participate in recreation ad leisure activities of their choice.
I was fortunate to work with the Armidale Recreation Access Program who organised a “Butterfly Ball” to celebrate the “International Day of People with a Disability” in the Armidale area.
The Committee asked for a poster design to advertise a Ceremonial Debutante Ball.
The poster needed to suit shop windows (A4 size) and larger size posters.
I met with the Committee to discuss the program
Butterfly fantasy theme development
Hand Drawn Illustration
​Digital Illustration
Poster for Print
Program for Print
​Tickets for Print
Original Photographs taken by E. Kerry
Tickets Reverse Side
Tickets Reverse Side


Program - Front side Fold
Program – Front side Fold


Poster and Brochure
Poster and Brochure