Richard Makim Website

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Richard Makim
Ben Lomond NSW Australia
Richard Makim is a beef and lamb grazier, regenerative environmental manager and consultant, author of several small articles and books and more recently, a speaker at conferences and meeting.
Richard wanted a website to showcase his life’s work and to”give the general public some information about me and what I do”.
Having absolutely no experience in creating or using websites, Richard basically left me to create something ‘easy to read’ and during the setting up stages, Richard sent me various scripts and written works which, together, we edited and are still editing, as an ongoing project for his website.
Today, Richard has purchased a ipad and is a lot more ‘computer savvy’ and is starting to make his way around his website dashboard (which is different to his farm machinery dashboards !) and is starting to enjoy the website communication process.
To view Richard Makim’s website, please click on the link below: